Can’t Miss Spring Hikes in Banff

  • May 30, 2024

Banff is famous for its lush and beautiful trails.  Whether you’re an experienced hiker looking for a thrill, a fitness enthusiast wanting a good workout or just wanting to go for a relaxing walk, there are an unlimited number of options for all levels of hikers to enjoy.  With over 1600 kilometers of trails, Banff National Park has something for everyone. Here are several hikes that you can enjoy this spring on your next trip to Banff. 


Helen Lake & Dolomite Pass

Known for its steady hike up through the forest and beautiful hiking views. Helen Lake trail is nearly 12km return distance and leads you to one of Banff’s best know lunch spots Helen Lake.  If you continue onto Dolomite Pass you will be happy that you did so as you will get to view the pyramid of Mt. Assiniboine.


Cory Pass – Mt. Edith Circuit

The views from Cory Pass are unique in Banff National Park, dramatic, stunning and magnificent.  The trade off is that the Cory Pass hike is not an easy one, no pain no gain as they say.  With a lot of elevation gain and long stretches over open slopes will give your legs a workout.  The highlight of this hike is definitely Mt. Louis which is the best place to rest and enjoy your lunch. 


Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse Trail

One of the more scenic and moderately challenging trails in Banff National Park is the Plain of Six Glaciers Teahouse Trail.  Closer to the Lake Louise side this trail overs fabulous views of the Mt. Lefroy, Mt. Victoria, and the Victoria Glacier. 


The Royal Canadian Lodge has the prime location and all the amenities that hikers need will in Banff.  After a long day on the trails spend the evening in our mineral pool and hot tub.  Being nestled in the heart of Banff means that trails are easy to get to, and that your restful room is in close range after a big day of hiking.


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Nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Banff National Park is a haven for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and those looking to escape into the serene beauty of the mountains.

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